Warehouse base


Highly equipped warehouse

Stefi PLTD has a rich warehouse for storage of various types of goods. We will assist in storing your inventory and will offer you the best conditions for this purpose.

Your cargo will be fully protected with us, as we also offer 24/7 monitoring and real-time information on the condition of your goods.


Freight control and protection

With our service of cargo storing in the warehouse you get full transparency, control and protection of your goods.

Accuracy, precision and reliability

In our company you have a trusted partner who will offer you a reliable solution at a good price for the proper storage of the cargo. You can trust our forwarding and logistics team, which will prepare a detailed plan for the storage of the cargo in the warehouse and its transport to the final destination.

With Stefi PLTD you will always have up-to-date information on your goods, as well as complete control over the inbound and outbound logistics.

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Ask us about our warehouse equipment

Send an inquiry about the possibilities for storing different types of goods in our warehouse.


Other transport services


Groupage shipments

Grouping of goods to different customers and profitable groupage transport.

Freight forwarding and logistics

Quality forwarding and intelligent logistics for the execution of FTL and groupage shipments.

International transport & FTL

International land freight of one customer with full truck loading.