Groupage shipments


Groupage of goods

Cargo grouping and LTL transport is one of the most common services nowadays. It makes it easier for customers, as it allows the transport of smaller loads from an entire truck, saving time and money.

Stefi PLTD provides regular transport services to the Scandinavian countries, the Benelux, Germany, Poland and the Baltic States with trucks containing LTL cargo. The goods are combined in a way that prevents any risk of damage due to their transportation together with other goods in groupage shipments. Each individual shipment is carefully packed and secured within the groupage load.

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Your reliable partner for LTL transport

With our groupage transport service you get the opportunity to accurately plan the delivery of your goods. We work daily, offering high flexibility in organizing the process of loading, transportation and unloading.

Transport that facilitates business

All you need to do is contact us, and our team will prepare a detailed plan for loading the goods, transporting them and delivering them to the final destination you want.

We have a rich warehouse, which gives us confidence to say that the goods will be stored and transported in the best way possible.

Thanks to our well-developed information system, you will be able to monitor how the cargo moves in real time. In this way we guarantee the satisfaction of our customers that the goods will arrive on time.

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To be competitive in today’s business world, you need to be able to load, transport and deliver goods internationally. Contact us and we will prepare the most suitable mechanism for transporting your goods!


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Freight forwarding and logistics

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Warehouse base

We have a well-developed infrastructure of warehouses for loading, unloading and storage of goods.